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2006-2007 Warwick Symposium

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Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology

Main Organiser: Caroline Series

Scientific Committee:
David Gabai (Princeton), Ursula Hamenstädt (Bonn), Misha Kapovich (UC Davis), Steven Kerckhoff (Stanford), Yair Minsky (Yale), Jean-Pierre Otal (Toulouse)

Inclusiveness statement

A pdf of the Symposium poster is here.

Symposium Workshops:
21 - 23 October 2008
Dynamics on character varieties
Organisers: Caroline Series & Saul Schleimer
Monday 4 September - Saturday 9 September 2006
Analytic aspects of low dimensional geometry
Organisers: Samuel Lelievre, Vlad Markovic & Caroline Series
Monday March 26 - Friday March 30, 2007
Geometric flows and related topics
Organiser: Peter Topping

Please register for all Symposium visits including workshops during the period June 1st – July 31st by using our online registration form. You should consult the Social Events page before completing this form.

We regret that no further funding for newly
registering participants is available.

Social Events

9am, Monday 9 July, 2007 – 1pm, Thursday 12 July, 2007
3-manifold geometry and topology
Organisers: Marc Lackenby & Daryl Cooper
9am, Friday 13 July, 2007 – 4pm, Saturday 14 July, 2007
David Epstein 70th Birthday Celebration
Organisers: Samuel Lelievre, Vlad Markovic, Colin Rourke & Caroline Series
10am, Monday 16 July, 2007 – 5pm, Friday 20 July, 2007
Hyperbolic structures on 3-manifolds and large scale geometry of Teichmüller space
Organisers: Javier Aramayona, Brian Bowditch & Caroline Series

Longer term visitors are anticipated mainly in May-July.

Participants are encouraged to offset their travel emissions with a small donation. You can either make a direct payment to CarbonNeutral Flights, in which case please inform, or make a cash donation at the conference.

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