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2006-2007 Warwick Symposium

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Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology

Workshop on 3-manifold geometry and topology

9am, Monday 9 July, 2007 – 1pm, Thursday 12 July, 2007

Organisers: Marc Lackenby & Daryl Cooper

PROGRAMME (pdf file)

Speakers include:
  • Ian Agol Virtually fibering 3-orbifolds and virtually depth one taut sutured manifolds
  • Michel Boileau Tits alternative and PD(3) groups
  • Steve Boyer On families of virtually fibred Montesinos link exteriors
  • Alex Coward Detecting the bridge number of hyperbolic knots
  • Stephan Friedl Symplectic 4-manifolds and fibered 3-manifolds
  • Shelly Harvey Homology and derived p-series of groups
  • Steve Kerckhoff Reflective Dehn filling in dimension 4
  • Darren Long The virtual Betti numbers of closed arithmetic 3-manifolds
  • Joseph Maher Random walks and the complex of curves
  • Sylvain Maillot Sequences of metrics given by Ricci flow on aspherical 3-manifolds
  • Joan Porti More on sequences of metrics on aspherical manifolds
  • Jessica Purcell Geometry under reflection
  • Alan Reid Heegaard genus and Property \tau for hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Martin Scharlemann A 3-dimensional reimbedding strategy for the 4-dimensional Schoenflies Conjecture
  • Jennifer Schultens The width complex for knots and 3-manifolds
  • Stephan Tillmann The Thurston norm via normal surfaces
  • Genevieve Walsh Commensurability classes of 2-bridge knots

ABSTRACTS for these talks (pdf file)

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