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2006-2007 Warwick Symposium

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Low Dimensional Geometry and Topology

Workshop on Hyperbolic structures on 3-manifolds
and large scale geometry of Teichmüller space

10am, Monday 16 July, 2007 – 5pm, Friday 20 July, 2007

Organisers: Javier Aramayona, Brian Bowditch & Caroline Series

PROGRAMME (pdf file)

Expected speakers include:

  • Ken Bromberg Grafting, drilling and the ending lamination classification
  • Dick Canary Introductory Bumponomics: Topology of deformation spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Yitwah Cheung Slow divergence and Unique ergodicity
  • Moon Duchin Boundary phenomena in Teichmüller space
  • David Dumas Slicing, skinning, and grafting
  • Sergio Fenley Asymptotics of foliations and ideal boundaries of pseudo-Anosov flows
  • Koji Fujiwara Hyperbolicity, quasi-homomorphisms and stable commutator length
  • François Guéritaud Delaunay triangulations of convex cores
  • Ursula Hamentstädt Dynamical properties of the Teichmüller flow
  • Yoshikata Kida Orbit equivalence rigidity for ergodic actions of mapping class groups
  • Sadayoshi Kojima Comparison of hyperbolic volumes with other invariants
  • Cyril Lecuire Thurston’s cracked eggshell
  • Chris Leininger The boundary of the curve complex
  • Yair Minsky Coarse geometry of mapping class groups
  • Hossein Namazi Splittings, hyperbolic geometry and models
  • Walter Neumann Eigenvalue equivalence of hyperbolic manifolds
  • Ken’ichi Ohshika Divergence, exotic convergence and self-bumping in quasi-Fuchsian spaces
  • Kasra Rafi Rigidity of the curve complex
  • Mary Rees Estimates on pleated surfaces
  • Saul Schleimer Covers and the curve complex
  • Ken Shackleton On the coarse geometry of the Weil-Petersson metric
  • Teruhiko Soma Geometric limits of quasi-Fuchsian groups
  • Juan Souto Rank of the fundamental group and geometry of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Scott Wolpert The CAT(0) geometry of Teichmüller space

ABSTRACTS for these talks (pdf file)

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