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Introductory workshop on "Curves, surfaces, 3-folds, ..."
Mon 11th-Sat 16th Sep 1995

This workshop is part of the 1995--96 Warwick EPSRC Algebraic Geometry Symposium, and is intended as an introduction to the activities of the Warwick year, aimed at graduate students and mathematicians in related areas.

The topics will start at about the MSc. level, and will mainly revolve around the way in which objects of algebraic geometry can also be interpreted in other mathematical categories, for example:

  1. Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves
  2. Algebraic surfaces and 4-manifolds
  3. Vector bundles and connections
  4. Complex structures and ASD equations
  5. Geometric invariant theory and symplectic geometry
  6. Local rings and singularity theory
  7. 3-folds and physics

We are applying to run Fri 15th Sep 1995 as an LMS Spitalfields day.

Targetted speakers: Donaldson, Richard Earl, Hitchin, King, Kirwan, Mond, Newstead, Oxbury, Reid, Salamon, Sankaran, Shepherd-Barron, Wall. Also some visitors to the following Toric geometry workshop.

Note that the following week there will be a workshop on Toric geometry, and we hope that some of Batyrev, Dolgachev, Fulton, Jurkiewicz will take part.

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