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14 - 21 July 2006
Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics & turbulence. (Symposium)
Organisers Sergey Nazarenko and Oleg Zaboronski.
12 July 2006
Andrei Tyurin - a memorial celebration
Organiser: Miles Reid
11th July 2006
Warwick COW (PDF file of programme)
(Cambridge Oxford Warwick Algebraic Geometry Seminar)
Organiser: Miles Reid
7 July 2006
Warwick Research Festival
Mathematics and Beyond (PDF file of programme)
Organiser: Miles Reid
7th July 2006
East Midlands Stochastic Analysis Seminar
Organisers: Z. Brzezniak (York), K.D. Elworthy (Warwick), X-M. Li and H.Z. Zhao (Loughborough)
29 June 2006
Singularity Day
Organiser: David Mond
26 June - 1 July 2006
Joint Workshop and Graduate summer school: Instabilities and Turbulence in MHD flows. (Symposium)
Organised by Sergei Molokov, Sergey Nazarenko, Andre Thess, Thierry Alboussiere and Mike Proctor
17 June 2006
Quantum Groupoids and ... LMS Meeting
Organiser: Dmitriy Rumynin
22 - 24 May 2006
MIR@W meeting on
Mathematics of Data Assimilation
Organiser: Andrew Stuart
24-26 April 2006
Coarse-grained multiscale models: mathematical analysis and applications   Programme (pdf file)
Organisers: Petr Plechac (University of Warwick), John W. Barrett (Imperial College), Charles M. Elliott (University of Sussex), Endre Süli (University of Oxford)
20 - 24 March 2006
Recent Advances in Classical Ring Theory - Goldie Memorial Meeting
Organiser: Charudatta Hajarnavis
13 - 18 March 2006
Environmental and Geophysical Turbulence: new approaches in theoretical and numerical modelling. (Symposium)
Joint with the EPSRC Platform grant on Turbulence, and MIR@W.
Organsers: Ian Castro (Southampton), Darryl Holm (ICL), Robert Kerr (Warwick),
Sergey Nazarenko (Warwick) & Christos Vassillicos (Imperial).
3 - 4 March 2006
Conference in honour of Sandy Green's 80th Birthday
to be held in Oxford
19 -21 January 2006
Uninet workshop
Organised by Markus Kirkilionis
9 - 10 January 2006
MIR@W meeting on
Mathematics of biomolecules
Organised by Florian Theil, Davide Marenduzzo and Gero Friesecke

8-12 January 2006
UK-Japan Winter School - Dynamics and Arithmetics
Organized by Keio University COE21 in cooperation with University College Cork, Department of Mathematics and University of Warwick, Mathematics Research Centre
5-10 December 2005
Universal features in turbulence: from quantum to cosmological scales. (Symposium)
Organisers: STOCHDYN: Peter McClintock, Warwick: Sergey Nazarenko, COSLAB: Grisha Volovik, QUDEDIS: Martin Wilkens
31 October – 2 November 2005
Dynamical Systems in Turbulence. (Symposium)
Organised by Dwight Barkley
9–17 September 2005
Singularities, coherent structures and their role in intermittent turbulence. (Symposium)
Organisers: Bob Kerr, Sergey Nazarenko, Xinyu He and Oleg Zaboronski
8th September 2005
One day meeting on Dynamical Systems
Organiser: Mark Pollicott
22-26 August 2005
Holomorphic Dynamics
Organisers: Adam Epstein, Lasse Rempe & Sebastian van Strien
Monday 22 – Friday 26 August 2005
MAGMA Workshop on Group Theory and Geometry
Organisers: Derek Holt and Gavin Brown

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