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2004-2005 Warwick EPSRC Symposium

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The Mathematics of Quantum Systems

Organizer: Gero Friesecke

Sponsor: EPSRC

Workshop Lecture Notes:
23-28 August 2004 Large many-body systems
  Four lectures by Jan Solovej (Copenhagen)
Rigorous Results on the energy and structure of ground states of large many-body systems
solovej1.pdf (PDF file)
solovej2.pdf (PDF file)
solovej3.pdf (PDF file)
solovej4.pdf (PDF file)

Lecture Notes by Amandine Aftalion (CNRS, Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, University Paris 6)
Mathematical results for Bose Einstein Condensates
aftalion.pdf (PDF file)

6-10 September 2004 Quantum dynamics and quantum transport
  Lecture Notes by Herbert Spohn (Technical University Munich)
Energy transport in weakly anharmonic dielectric crystals (Zip archive)

13-15 December 2004 Mathematical challenges in quantum chemistry
Lecture Notes by Brian Sutcliffe (Brussels) Has Dirac’s 1929 claim been substantiated
and is Chemistry now just a branch of applied mathematics?
sutcliffe.pdf (PDF file)

Lecture notes by Werner Kutzelnigg (Bochum)
Lecture 1: Rate of convergence of expansions in a Gaussian basis
kutzelnigg1.pdf (PDF file)
Lecture 2: The partial wave expansion for atomic states. Unnatural parity states and Hund's rules
kutzelnigg2.pdf (PDF file)
Lecture 3: Nakatsuji theorem, Nooijen conjecture, and constrained coupled-cluster theory
kutzelnigg3.pdf (PDF file)

4 – 9 April 2005 Spectral Theory
Lecture notes by Ari Laptev (Stockholm) Spectral inequalities and their applications
laptev.pdf (PDF file)

For participation and further information please contact the:
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University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL - UK

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