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Warwick Teach-in on 3-Folds
Monday 7th January - Friday 1st February 2002

Satellite activity of the Isaac Newton Institute program
Higher Dimensional Complex Geometry

The event is run as a satellite meeting of the Cambridge Isaac Newton Institute program "Higher dimensional complex geometry" funded by British EPSRC. Other sponsors include EU network EAGER, the Maria Sklodowska Curie graduate school 3-fAG, the LMS project COW (Cambridge Oxford Warwick algebraic geometry seminar) and the Warwick math institute.

The purpose of the activity is to help young geometers to get into 3-folds at the research level, and to benefit from HDG and the related EuroConference in Jun 2002. See About 20-25 students are expected to take part, mostly UK or Europeans.

Postdoc and senior participants:
Gavin Brown, Alessio Corti (Cambridge), Olivier Debarre (Strasbourg), Mark Gross, KACHI Yasuyuki (Tennessee), Andrew Kresch (UPenn), Adrian Langer, Laurent Meersseman (Rennes), Max Mella (Ferrara), Mircea Mustata (Berkeley), MUKAI Shigeru (RIMS), OGATA Shoetsu (Sendai), Ania Otwinowska, Miles Reid, Greg Sankaran (Bath), Luis E. Sola-Conde (Spain and Warszawa), SZENDRÖI Balázs, TAKAGI Hiromichi (RIMS), Nikos Tziolas, Jarek Wisniewski (Warszawa), other visitors from UK universities

Student participants:
Carolina B. Araujo (Princeton), Caucher Birkar (Nottingham), Nero Budur (Chicago Circle), Anita Buckley, Radoslaw Bojanowski (Warszawa), Jaroslaw Buczynski (Warszawa), Cinzia Casagrande (Roma), Martin Gulbrandsen (Oslo), Weronika Krych (Warszawa), George Hitching (Durham), Oskar Kedzierski, Becky Leng, Tim Logvinenko (Bath), Israel Moreno-Mejia (Durham), Jorge Neves, Andrew Roer, Dan Ryder, SUZUKI Kaori, Sophie T\'erouanne (Grenoble), Olga Weber (Warszawa), Marina Zompatori (Boston) + occasional visiting students from UK

Teaching program:
The material will include some quite basic introduction to 3-folds at approx MSc level, in the form of lectures, exercise sheets, with accompanying seminars, tutorial sessions and self-help student seminars. This will cover canonical singularities, basic theory of Q-Fanos and their elephants, a little on Q-RR and vanishing, etc. See [YPG] and the preface to the book [CR] for a preview of some of the material and [CR], top of p. 3 for advice on further reading. [YPG] and [Chapters] (esp. Chapters 3-4 on K3 surfaces and singularities) may be appropriate or preliminary reading. Mark Gross will also give a course of lectures, and Corti, Kachi and Takagi will give a few talks on log MMP and the general background to Shokurov's program. We hope that Mukai will also give a lecture series on his program of K3 surfaces and Fano 3-folds as sections of projective homogeneous spaces, possibly with participation from Corti, Reid and Takagi. There will also be regular research seminars and opportunities for graduate seminars.

[FA] J. Kollár and others, Flips and abundance, Astérisque 211 (1992)
[Chapters] M. Reid, Chapters on algebraic surfaces, in Complex algebraic varieties, J. Kollár (Ed.), IAS/Park City lecture notes series (1993 volume), AMS, Providence R.I., 1997, 1-154
[YPG] M. Reid, Young person's guide to canonical singularities, in Algebraic Geometry, Bowdoin 1985, ed. S. Bloch, Proc. of Symposia in Pure Math. 46, A.M.S. (1987), vol. 1, 345-414
[CR] A. Corti and M. Reid, preface to book Explicit birational geometry of 3-folds, CUP/LMS lecture notes 2000, pp. 349 + v, see

There will be COW meetings at Warwick on Thu 17th and Thu 31st Jan (with Constantin Teleman, OGATA Shoetsu and possibly Mukai as speakers), and Calf meetings also at Warwick on Thu 10th and Thu 24th Jan. We will also put on talks during the day on Fri, and there is the Warwick colloq at 4:00 pm, so Thu--Fri of each week is probably the most interesting time for those wishing to come for just a couple of days. (There will be a similar pattern of activities at the Nute HDG program from Feb 2002, see webloc. cit.)

The first segment of the Newton Institute program HDG includes a seminar on higher dimensional flips according to Shokurov. For details, see + 3-fold links. Once the main Newton Inst. program starts, students at Warwick will have to look after themselves with a minimum of attention, possibly commuting to the main activity at the Newton Institute. There is of course a big gap between the level of the teach-in and some components of the main program, but the lectures of Kachi and Takagi will try to bridge this gap.

It may be possible to support a small number of European students (satisfying the legal requirements) from 3-fAG, UK EAGER. Please ask your local EAGER group in the first instance. As a rough indication of the scale of the money problem, UK students survive on a stipend of around £600 (roughly Eu1000) per month; we pay EU predoc fellows a stipend of Eu1200 (roughly £775) per month.

Those wishing to take part should write to Miles Reid concerning the teaching and scientific program, and to Peta McAllister for requests for accommodation and money. To book accommodation, we need the following information:

  1. Name, address, e-mail, Fax number:
  2. Dates of arrival and departure:
  3. Accompanying family members/special accommodation requirements:
  4. Money requirements:
  5. Request for invitation letters for UK entry visa or for funding or burocratic purposes.
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