Geometric Mechanics and Symmetry

A Year-Long Warwick Symposium in 2001-2002



The Symposium themes focus on the symplectic and differential geometry of symmetric Hamiltonian systems and applications of geometry and symmetry techniques to continuum mechanics, the classical, semiclassical and quantum mechanics of N-body problems, and astrodynamics. The programme includes 7 workshops and 2 schools, some at Warwick and some elsewhere. There is also a year long programme of seminars.


The Symposium runs from 2nd September 2001 to 31st July 2002. The dates of the workshops and schools are given in the programme.


The Spring School and 4 Workshops are being hosted by the Warwick Mathematics Research Centre, 3 Satellite Workshops are being held at the Universities of Surrey and Leicester and at UMIST. The Summer School was held in the village of Peyresq in the Alpes Maritime. See the programme.


The Symposium is being organised by Mark Roberts and the staff of the Mathematics Research Centre, with the help of a scientific advisory board . A list of participants is being maintained.


If you would like to participate in Symposium activities then please complete and send the registration form as soon as possible so that we can add your name to the participant list. If you would like us to book accommodation for you at Warwick then you should also send in the accommodation form at least xx weeks before your visit. Information about the accommodation available is given on the same page. Separate arrangements will be made for accommodation for the workshops at Surrey, Leicester and UMIST.

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