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Symposium 2000/2001 September 2000 - August 2001
Stochastic Partial Differential Equations & Related Topics

Stochastic PDE and Related Topics: Diffusions, Flows, Fluids, Filtrations, and Filaments

30th July-10th August 2001



Please e-mail Peta McAlister ( if you hope to attend or want help arranging accommodation and we don't yet know about you. Some support for travel and accommodation is available for UK probabilists wishing to attend.


Monday 30th July

2.30 Romito
4.15 pm Rozovski

Tuesday 31st July

9.30 am Krylov
11.15 am Bessiah

Wednesday 1st August

2.30 pm Tsirelson
4.15 pm Rozovski

Thursday 2nd August

9.30 am Truman
11.15 am LeJan

Friday 3rd August

2.30 pm Tsirelson
4.15 pm Rozovski


Monday 6th August

10.00 am Rozovski
11.30 am Tsirelson

Tuesday 7th August

2.30 pm Ferrario
4.15 pm Tsirelson

Wednesday 8th August

10.00 am Rozovski
11.30 am Tsirelson

Thursday 9th August

(10.00 am Rozovski
if required)
11.30 Gliklikh

Friday 10th August


  • Hakima Bessaih: A mean field result for vortex filaments.
  • Benedetta Ferrario: Invariant measures for 2-D Navier-Stokes.
  • Yuri Gliklikh: Viscous hydrodynamics via stochastic processes on diffeomorphism groups
  • Nickolai Krylov: A supermartingale characterization of sets of stochastic integrals applications to control and diffusion approximation
  • Yves LeJan: Kraichnan turbulent advection model and stochastic flows.
  • Marco Romito: Partial regularity for the stochastic Navier-Stokes equations

Boris Rozovski: Informal Lectures on Stochastic Fluids

  • Stochastic diffeomorphisms and fluid dynamic. (2 lectures)
  • Stochastic Stokes equation. (1 lecture)
  • Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations. (1 lecture)
  • Propagation of Gaussian Chaos by equations of fluid mechanics and moment theory. (1-2) lectures.

Aubrey Truman: Singularities of Stochastic Burgers Equations and Intermittence of Turbulence,

Boris Tsirelson:titles drawn from-

  • Brownian motions in groups and semigroups
  • Filtrations in the light of general classification theory
  • From non-Brownian filtrations to harmonic measures
  • Off white noises and product systems
  • Stability and sensitivity on cubes and trees
  • Correlated signals fail to signal optimism.
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