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The 1998-99 Warwick Symposium will address the relation between Computation and Mathematics. The overall aims are to examine specific issues in connection with several chosen themes and to encourage and facilitate dialogue between colleagues working in different areas, from Atmospheres and Oceans to the interface between Mathematics and Medicine, from Pattern Formation to Geometry and Group Theory. The year will be organised around three Workshops, Warwick Weekends and ongoing research and collaboration involving a broad array of UK and visiting international mathematicians and scientists. The Warwick Weekend is a short (Friday - Saturday) miniconference whose main purpose is to give UK mathematicians from academia and industry the opportunity to interact with participants of the Symposium.

Workshop 1 - September 14th - 25th 1998
Cardiac Arrhythmias; Pattern Formation,
Pattern Formation, Atmospheres and Oceans

The role of large scale simulations of excitable media in understanding electrical patterns in the heart. Understanding patterns in general through simulation and wavelet analysis. The role of the geostrophic approximation in the numerical and theoretical modelling of thin, rotating, stratified fluid layers. The flux of energy and enstrophy when three dimensional effects are included.

Confirmed Participants include: Bodenschatz, Cullen, Grimshaw, Gromov, van Heijst, Holden, Krinsky, Norbury, Panfilov, Pesch, Proctor, Shelley, Winfree, Zabusky, Zakharov.

The first four days September 14th-17th will be principally devoted to Cardiac Arrthymias and Patterns. Friday September 18th and Saturday 19th will be the first Warwick Weekend devoted to general talks (Dritschel, Gromov, Krinsky, Newell, Winfree, Zabusky and Zakharov) whose main aims are to engage a larger community of participants and encourage dialogue on common challenges. The final week September 21st-25th will be primarily devoted to the problem of Turbulence in Rotating and Stratified Flows.

Workshop 2 - July 8th - 17th 1999
Computation in Group Theory and Geometry

The study of normal surfaces using linear programming methods. The development of algorithms for the canonical decompositions of three manifolds into geometric pieces. A discussion of SNAPPEA. Interaction of computer programs in computational group theory. The experimental determination of the large scale structure of the universe. Confirmed Participants include: Baumslag, Bowditch, Jim Cannon, John Cannon, Cornish, Gabai, Gromov, Milnor, Mumford, Neumann, Nickel.

We invite colleagues who are interested in participating in any of the Workshops to let us know as soon as possible if they would like to attend. Those interested in Workshop 1 should apply before March 15th 1998 in order to secure accommodation. There are limited funds available for travel and accommodation.

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