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Conference on "Geometry and Physics"
Mon 25th Mar-Tue 2nd Apr 1996

Related to the active period on Symplectic Geometry and Yang-Mills

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Scientific committee: P. Aspinwall, S.K. Donaldson, N.J. Hitchin, W.M. Oxbury, M. Reid, D. Salamon, P.M.H. Wilson and E. Witten.

Topics include: S-duality, dynamics of supersymmetric theories, Seiberg-Witten invariants, mirror symmetry, quantum cohomology.

Confirmed or probable participants: C. Anand, C. Bartocci, S. Bauer, L. Brambila-Paz, R. Brussee, J. de Boer, S. Chaudhuri, R. Donagi, B. Dubrovin, M. Duff, K. Fukaya, A. Gathmann, G. Gibbons, V. Ginzburg, A. Giveon, X. Gomez-Mont, P. Gothen, R. Goto, J.M. Guilarte, P. Gurrola, F. Hacquebord, M. Halic, K. Hasegawa, R. Hawksley, N. Hitchin, J. Huebschmann, D. Huybrechts, I. Ivanov, A. King, M. Kobayashi, H. Konno, A. Langer, W-P Li, M. Lehn, N. Manton, M. McGettrick, V. Mercat, Y. Nakagawa, H. Nakajima, T. Nitta, K. Oh, H. Ohta, D. Olive, K. Ono, W. Oxbury, R. Paoletti, J-S. Park, C. Pauly, V. Pidstrigach, E. Previato, J. Rabin, A. Raina, T. Ramadas, J. Rawnsley, M. Reid, D. Salamon, B. Schroers, M. Schwarz, R. Scognamillo, G. Segal, M. Singer, K. Skenderis, I. Smith, T. Takakura, I-H. Tsai, A. Tyurin, G. Valli, Van LeHong, B. van Geemen, S. Vidussi, A. Vi\~na, B. Wang, P.M.H. Wilson, R. Ye

Other invited participants: M. Audin, Jacques Distler, Mike Douglas, K. Gawedzki, Sasha Givental, Peter Goddard, L. Goettsche, Brian Greene, Misha Gromov, J. Harvey, Chris Hull, Jacques Hurtubise, L. Jeffrey, Shamit Kachru, Sheldon Katz, F. Kirwan, Albrecht Klemm, M. Kontsevich, D. Kotschick, Wolfgang Lerche, Jan Louis, G. Moore, D. Morrison, Yong-Geun Oh, Malcolm Perry, Joel Robbin, Ashoke Sen, Andy Strominger, Paul Townsend, Erik Verlinde

Provisional program

Mon 25 Mar Morning: Registration, coffee 14:00--15:00 Boris Dubrovin: Quantum Cohomologies and Painleve' Equations 16:00--17:00 Daniel Huybrechts

Tue 26 Mar 10:00--11:00 Ashoka Raina 12:00--13:00 Viktor Ginzburg: Double-loop groups, Hecke algebras and G-bundles on elliptic curves 14:00--15:00 Gary Gibbons 16:00--17:00 Hiraku Nakajima: Instantons and affine Lie algebras

Wed 27 Mar 10:00--11:00 Bert van Geemen: Hitchin's connection, hyperelliptic curves and orthogonal groups 2 more talks, Free afternoon Thu 28 Mar 4 talks Fri 29 Mar 4 talks Sat 30 Mar 3 talks, Free afternoon Sun 31 Mar Mon 1 Apr 4 talks Tue 2 Apr 4 talks Other likely talks: Ron Donagi: Supersymmetric Yang-Mills and integrable systems Askar Dzhumilaev: Virasoro Type Lie algebras Jeff Rabin: Nigel Hitchin: Theta functions and hyperk\"ahler potentials

Several visitors will remain over the Easter break (Sun 7th Apr is Easter) and seminars and other activities will take place up until Easter.

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