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European Algebraic Geometry Conference
Warwick, Mon 15th - Sat 20th Jul 1996

EC TMR grant European Algebraic Geometry Conference, contract ERBFMMACT 950029 British EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Council) EC HCM project AGE (Algebraic Geometry in Europe), contract ERBCHRXCT 940557

The week Mon 22nd July -- Sat 27th July 1996 following the EuroConference will function as a concluding workshop

Scientific committee:

A. Beauville (Paris), F. Catanese (Pisa), N. Hitchin (Cambridge), K. Hulek (Hannover), J.D.S. Jones (Warwick), C. Peters (Grenoble), M. Reid (Warwick)

The conference is the climax of the year-long Warwick algebraic geometry symposium 1995-96, funded mainly by the British EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council). A number of visitors will be at Warwick throughout June and July 1996, and regular seminars will be held. The week following the EuroConference will function as a concluding workshop.


Key to main topics:

  • SW: Seiberg-Witten and geometry of 4-manifolds
  • MS: Mirror symmetry
  • Mg: Moduli space of curves
  • Pd: Algebraic geometry and physical dualities

Mon 15th Jul

2:00 pm Peter Kronheimer: TBA (SW 1)
3:30 Robbert Dijkgraaf: Mathematical aspects of string duality, I (Pd 1)
5:00 Chris Peters: Intro to mirror symmetry (some Hodge-theoretic aspects) (MS 1)
7:00 pm Graduate students meeting (Student's union bar)

Tue 16th Jul

9:30 Eduard Looijenga: TBA (Mg 1)
11:00 Robbert Dijkgraaf: Mathematical aspects of string duality, II (Pd 2)
2:00 -- 3:00 and 3:30 -- 4:30 parallel sessions (3 lecture rooms)
5:00 Debate: What is alg geom? Chairman: Herb Clemens

Wed 17th Jul

9:30 Dietmar Salamon: TBA (SW 2)
11:00 Dave Morrison: The geometry underlying mirror symmetry (MS 2)
2:00 Carel Faber: On the tautological ring of M_g (Mg 2)
3:30 Maxim Kontsevich: Non-linear Hodge structures for Calabi-Yaus (MS 3)
5:00 Special colloquium lecture: J-P. Serre: Algebraic groups and semisimple representations
6:15 AGE business meeting (Math Inst., Room 2)
7:00 pm Graduate students' seminar (Math Inst., Room 1)

Thu 18th Jul

9:30 Viktor Batyrev: Mirror symmetry and cohomological McKay correspondence in higher dimension (MS 4)
11:00 Ron Donagi: TBA (Pd 3)
2:00 -- 3:00 and 3:30 -- 4:30 parallel sessions (3 lecture rooms)
5:00 Problem session (or debate) many speakers

Fri 19th Jul

9:30 Lucia Caporaso: The uniformity conjectures for rational points on curves (Mg 3)
11:00 Ron Donagi: TBA (Pd 4)
2:00 TBA
3:30 Alexandr Klyachko: Moduli of vector bundles on toric varieties
5:00 Simon Donaldson: Localisation and bundles over the projective plane (SW 3)
6:30 Buffet dinner (alcoholic)

Sat 20th Jul

9:30 Claire Voisin: Mirror symmetry for complete intersections (after Givental) (MS 5)
11:00 Eduard Looijenga: TBA (Mg 4)
12:30 sandwich lunch
2:00 Shigeru Mukai: The locus of K3 curves in M_g
end 3:15 pm

Other probable speakers:

L. Bonavero: Moishezon varieties with small Picard groups
Philippe Eyssidieux: K\"ahler-hyperbolic properties of Griffiths' horizontal mappings
Barbara Fantechi: Intrinsic normal cone and virtual fundamental classes
Valery Gritsenko:
Mark Gross: Examples of mirror symmetry via 3-tori fibrations
M. Kontsevich (2): D-branes, triangulated categories, quantization and noncommutative geometry (MS)
Marco Manetti: The Severi inequality K^2 >= 4 chi
Laurent Manivel: Vanishing theorems for ample vector bundles
Slava Nikulin: Finite groups of symplectic automorphisms of K3 surfaces
Slava Nikulin (2): Discriminants of K3 surfaces, automorphic forms and Kac--Moody algebras
Bernd Siebert: Towards Gromov-Witten invariants on general symplectic manifolds

Confirmed or probable participants

S. Altinok, E. Amerik, Y. Amnon, C. Anand, C. Arezzo, C. Bartocci, I. Bauer, V. Batyrev, A. Beauville, K. Behrend, M. Beltrametti, M. Boggi, L. Bonavero, S. Bradlow, L. Brambila Paz, G. Brown, R. Brussee, M. Caibar, L. Caporaso, F. Catanese, D. Chatterjee, L. Chiantini, C. Ciliberto, M.C. Ciocci, H. Clemens, A. Collino, A. Conte, M. Coppens, A. Corti, S. Cynk, R. Dijkgraaf, I. Dolgachev, R. Donagi, S.K. Donaldson, M. Ebihara, L. Ein, Ph. Eyssidieux, C. Faber, R. Fahlaoui, B. Fantechi, M. Franciosi, P. Frediani, M. Fryers, O. Garcia-Prada, A. Gathmann, E. Getzler, M. Gizatulin, L. Goettsche, R. Goto, Y. Goto, A. Grassi, A. Greenspoon, V. Gritzenko, M. Gross, P. Gurrola, J. van Hamel, F. Hidaka, R. Hinchcliffe, N.J. Hitchin, K. Hulek, Y. Ito, J.D.S. Jones, Y. Kachi, C. Kahn, Yu. Kawamata, S. Keel, F. Kirwan, A. Klyachko, M. Kobayashi, A. Kontogeorgis, M. Kontsevich, S. Kosarew, S. Kovacs, P. Kronheimer, O. Kuechle, A. Lanteri, R. Laterveer, M. Lehn, W-P. Li, M. Loenne, A. Loi, E. Looijenga, A. Lopez, M. Luebke, M. Manetti, A. Manfredini, L. Manivel, J. McKernan, E. Markman, D. Markushevich, D. Matushita, G. Megyesi, M. Mendes-Lopes, E. Mezzetti, M. Micallef, D. Mond, D. Morrison, S. Mueller-Stach, S. Mukai, I. Nakamura, K. O'Grady, K. Oh, K. Ohba, K. Ono, F. Pablos Romo, R. Paoletti, K. Paranjape, R. Pardini, C. Peters, V. Pidstrigach, M. Pikaart, F.J. Plaza, H. Pullen, J. Rawnsley, M. Reid, M. Rossi, B. Russo, T. Sageaux, D. Salamon, G.K. Sankaran, C. Schmerling, S. Schroer, C. Schuhmann, J.-P. Serre, N. Shepherd-Barron, T. Shioda, B. Siebert, A. Small, I. Smith, J. Spandaw, P. Supino, E. Szabo, S.G. Tankeev, C. Taylor, M. Teixidor, J. Terilla, R. Thomas, M. Tomari, M. Tripolitaki, C. Turrini, A. Tyurin, Y. Umezu, G. Valli, C. van Enckevort, H. Verrill, S. Vidussi, A. Vin~a, A. Vistoli, C. Voisin, P.M.H. Wilson, J. Wisniewski, Jon Woolf, L. Wotzlaw, G. Xu, Yu. Zarhin, J. Zintl

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