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Active period: 1st Sep 1995 - 20th Jan 1996

We plan regular lectures by A. Corti, A. Pukhlikov, M. Reid and others, centred around Mori theory and applications to 3-fold birational geometry, including the minimal model program, the Sarkisov program, flips and many other topics. The seminar will be partly expository (but starting at a high level), and we plan to publish a set of lecture notes.

In addition, there will be a regular research seminar, involving other British mathematicians and their interests, and meeting on Thu afternoons, in order to continue the traditions of the COW (Cambridge Oxford and Warwick algebraic geometry seminar).

The active period on 3-folds overlaps two workshops in Sep 1995 ( Curves, surfaces, 3-folds, ... and Toric geometry and applications) and will culminate in the Dec 1995 3-folds conference. It seems likely that a number of participants will come for several weeks Nov and Dec 1995.

Confirmed or probable participants (3-4 months)
G. Brown, Corti, Y. Ito, K. Oh, Y. Namikawa, Pukhlikov, Reid
Confirmed or probable participants (3-4 weeks Nov-Dec 1995)
Andreatta, Iskovskikh, Kawamata, Matsushita, Miyaoka, Oguiso, Prokhorov
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