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Renaming the Building and Birthdays

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Renaming of the Mathematics & Statistics Building to the

Zeeman Building,

80th Birthday Party of Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS,

and the

40th Birthday Party of the Mathematics Institute

Friday 6th May 2005

As part of the University's 40th Anniversary celebrations on Friday 6th May 2005 Mathematics and Statistics Building has been renamed the Zeeman Building, in honour of the Founding Professor of Mathematics Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS. This is the first time the University has honoured a Warwick academic in such a way, and was not only for his founding of the now internationally renowned Mathematics Institute, but also for the very significant part Sir Christopher played in early days of the University.

Zeeman Building

Sir Chistopher and Lady Zeeman unveiling the plaque together with the Vice-Chancellor Professor David VandeLinde

Corrado de Concini, an alumnus of the Mathematics Institute and Professor of Mathematics at Rome University, spoke on Subspace Arrangements: Topology and Combinatorics.

David Epstein reminiscing about his time at Warwick. He was the first member of staff appointed by Sir Christopher and is now a Warwick Emeritus Professor of Mathematics.

George Rowlands, a Warwick Emeritus Professor of Physics, reminiscing about Mathematics from outside the Institute.

Roger Carter reminiscing about his time at Warwick. Roger is now a Warwick Emeritus Professor of Mathematics.

Lunch in the Mathematics Institute Common Room

Sir Christopher cutting the birthday cake

Sir Christopher Zeeman talking with one of his former PhD students Ray Lickorish from Cambridge. In the background on the left there are two more alumni, talking to Nigel Hitchin, Elmer Rees from Edinburgh and Tony Armstrong from Durham.

Nigel Hitchin, an ex-member of Mathematics Institute staff, and now the Savilian Professor of Geometry at Oxford, spoke on Einstein and Geometry.

Sir Christopher Zeeman giving an autobiographical talk entitled From Cambridge to Catastrophe.

Alumni, retired staff and partners at the celebration dinner in the evening.

More alumni, current staff and retired staff at the dinner.

The Vice-Chancellor with Professor George Saitoti, an alumnus of the Mathematics Institute, and currently the Kenyan Minister for Education, Science and Technology.

Sir Christopher and Lady Zeeman at the end of the day.

If you have any photographs of this celebration we would be interested to have copies.

Elaine Greaves Coelho
Mathematics Institute
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL


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