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News 2005

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Andrew Kresch wins Humboldt Fellowship (19 December 2005)
MMath student David Hewett is UK's `Most Enterprising Student' (1 November 2005)
David Rand awarded EPSRC Senior Fellowship (8 September 2005)
Peter Topping awarded the LMS Whitehead Prize (6 July 2005)
40th Birthday Celebrations (6-7 May 2005)
EPSRC Springboard Fellowship for Florian Theil (8 April 2005)
The 6th British Congress of Mathematics Education (31 March 2005)
Dwight Barkley wins 2005 JD Crawford Prize (31 January 2005)

 19 December 2005Top 

Andrew Kresch wins Humboldt Fellowship

Andrew Kresch
Andrew Kresch has won a Humboldt Fellowship for 2006 to study the `Brauer-Manin obstructions of arithmetic del Pezzo surfaces' Arithmetic del Pezzo surfaces manifest themselves as certain Diophantine equations, for instance w2 = Ax4 + By4 + Cz4 where A,B,C are given nonzero integers. It is conjectured that the existence of integer solutions to such equations is governed by a phenomenon called the Brauer-Manin obstruction. The aim of this project is to study these equations by constructing and analysing certain higher-dimensional algebraic varieties called torsors. The project will also lead to the production of computer code for the MAGMA computer algebra system to automate some of the analysis of solutions to these equations.

 1 November 2005Top 

MMath student David Hewett is UK's `Most Enterprising Student'

David Hewett
David Hewett, who is studying MMaths, now in his final year, applied to do a work project through STEP during the summer vacation. David's project required mathematics, statistics and computer modelling skills. He produced a computer simulation model to predict the performance of MALMS – Mobile Airfield Lighting Monitoring System. The new model will be used extensively in promotional material but, even more, his predictions will enable the company to produce a new lower cost system suitable for smaller airports. More details can be found on Warwick News and the STEP website.

 8 September 2005Top 

David Rand awarded EPSRC Senior Fellowship

David Rand

David Rand has been awarded a 5 year EPSRC Senior Fellowship in

To predict and preventing diseases such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS we need to do more than identify the components that make up the machinery of cells and tissues. We must also understand how these components interact to produce normal and pathological behaviour. Since the interactions between genes, transcripts, proteins, metabolites and cells are complex and dynamics, mathematical modelling and analysis will be needed for their understanding. Moreover, there is a rapidly growing number of powerful technologies that probe gene expression and the abundance and spatial distribution of metabolites and proteins. These produce huge amounts of data and require the development of new mathematical and statistical methods. This and the associated experimental design problems pose considerable mathematical and statistical challenges. This work will be developed in a number of biological areas chosen with the expectation that results obtained for these are likely to be generalisable. These include circadian clocks, photoperiodism, immunology of T cells, plant development (flowering), the control of apoptosis (cell suicide) and replication, and bacterial signalling. The research involves extensive collaboration with experimental groups and will be carried out in a multidisciplinary context involving mathematical and physical scientists as well as biologists and clinicians.

 6 July 2005Top 

Peter Topping awarded the LMS Whitehead Prize

Peter Topping
From the LMS citation:
DR PETER TOPPING of the University of Warwick is awarded a Whitehead Prize for his work on non-linear partial differential equations in geometric analysis. He has made especially important progress in the study of singular behaviour of the harmonic map heat flow in two spatial dimensions by showing that the singular behaviour is unique in great generality and constructing new solutions permitting full understanding of the significance of the condition of monotonicity of energy in the previous existence and uniqueness results. He proved the first results on exponential rates of convergence for the harmonic heat flow in the presence of singularities at infinity.

 6-7 May 2005Top 

40th Birthday Celebrations

The University of Warwick celebrates its 40th birthday in 2005. Many events are being organised around the campus, with an Open Campus Day on Saturday 7 May 2005. The Mathematics Institute held a 40th Birthday Party on Friday 6 May and Professor Sir Christopher Zeeman FRS gave a lecture on An Application of Catastrophe Theory to Darwinian Evolution on Saturday morning.


 8 April 2005Top 

Florian Theil

EPSRC Springboard Fellowship

Florian Theil has been awarded an EPSRC Springboard Fellowship to spend the 2005-2006 academic year investigating quantitative links between discrete (atomistic) models and continuum theories. See the EPSRC grant announcement for more detailed information.

 31 March 2005Top 

The 6th British Congress of Mathematics Education

The 6th British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME-6) is being held at the University of Warwick from 30 March to 2 April 2005. The Congress has Routes of Unity as its theme; it provides leading UK mathematical organisations an opportunity to unite in a single conference dedicated to mathematics and mathematics education. The Mathematics Institute hosted a wine reception to welcome the delegates on the first evening.

 31 January 2005Top 

Dwight Barkley

Dwight Barkley wins 2005 JD Crawford Prize

Dwight Barkley has been awarded the 2005 JD Crawford Prize by SIAM for his development of high quality, robust and efficient numerical algorithms for pattern formation phenomena in spatially extended dynamical systems.

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