TeX and Latex Documentation

Access via http://www.warwick.ac.uk/MathStuff/Extras/latex/ under Help,
More general computing help is given in http://www.warwick.ac.uk/MathStuff/organiser/help/.
Other good resources are: http://www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/~reidr/Computing (see latex) and http://www.maths.warwick.ac.uk/~pgc/links (see LaTeX)
Getting Started with LaTeX
Access via intranet, as part of http://intra.maths.warwick.ac.uk/computing with information on Basic Unix FAQ, Printing.
For information on how to tex a file... http://intra.maths.warwick.ac.uk/computing/basicfaq/bf00-5.html#ss5.1
(This whole document also available from the General Office on paper and distributed to new postgraduates.)
(available for loan from the librarian or computing assistants) LaTeX (Lamport) The LaTeX Companion The TeX Book The Joy of TeX The LaTeX Graphics Companion The LaTeX Web Companion