Warwick Symposium on
Symplectic Geometry 1997-2000
Organisers: John Rawnsley and Dietmar Salamon

Funded by EPSRC


Opening Workshop 1st - 12th September 1997 Programme
Workshop on Moment Maps and Quantization 8th - 18th December 1997 Programme
Workshop on Symplectic Topology 23rd March - 3rd April 1998
Spitalfields Day
Concluding Workshop 13th - 24th July 1998 Programme
Workshop on Symmetric Hamiltonian Systems
Organiser: Mark Roberts
This Workshop is being run jointly with the LMS Scheme 3 project "Bifurcations and Symmetry".
16th - 17th July 1998 Programme
Workshop on Quantisation 24th - 28th July 2000 Programme


Final Report


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